Last tour course at Gyeongju – Souvenir Shopping!

After touring around Gyeongju, the specialized breads and chocolates are must-buy items while on site. Not only are they delicious, but they are also perfect for souvenirs. The expiration dates are relatively short, so it is advised to consume the goods within 2-3 days after purchase.

#1 Silla Smiley Bread

The serene smile on this bread will surely catch your attention. Inspired by a fragment of roof end tile artifact from the Silla period with a human’s smiling face engraving, the bread is filled with red beans, walnuts, and blueberries. The bread is not too sweet and has a similar texture to sponge cakes.

#2 Barley Bread

This is a two layered pancake made from barley flour with red bean paste in between. It can get addicting with the bread’s sweet and chewy texture that fills your mouth with every bite.

#3 Cheomseong Walnut Bread

Recommended to those who love rice cakes, this walnut bread is shaped in the form of Cheomseongdae Observatory with a texture closer to rice cake than bread. Peas are also added for more color and flavor.

#4 Hwangnam Bread

Although this bread is a delicacy that represents Gyeongju as a whole, it is known to have been made in the Hwangnam-dong neighborhood, thus its name “Hwangnam Bread.” The biggest characteristic of this bread is the sweet red beans stuffed inside a thin crust. Take the first savory bite and you will be surprised by the sweetness that comes with each following bite.

#5 Cheomseongdae Chocolate

The recent rising star of the Gyeongju treats are the handmade chocolates in the shape of Cheomseongdae Observatory. You can enjoy different flavors as the chocolates come in three flavors – green tea, dark chocolate, and coffee.

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