[Gyeongju] Romantic Night Tour

Gyeongju is a great city to enjoy a romantic night tour. Wolseong Palace Site and Daereungwon Tomb Complex boast even smoother curves under the moonlight. Cheomseongdae Observatory and Gyeongju Donggung Palace and Wolji Pond show their gorgeous figures at night. It is easy to appreciate the beautiful city of Gyeongju, especially with a nice slow walk after sunset when the lights come on.

Photo: Night view of Cheomseongdae Observatory (top)
Gyeongju Donggung Palace and Wolji Pond (bottom left) / Lotus flowers near Cheomseongdae Observatory (bottom right)

The highlight of Gyeongju night tour is Wolseong Palace Site, which is one of the five designated sites that make up Gyeongju Historic Area. Gyeongju Historic Area includes Wolseong Palace Site, Gyerim Forest, Cheomseongdae Observatory and Gyeongju Donggung Palace and Wolji Pond, a detached palace site of the Silla Kingdom.

Wolseong Palace Site is a great place for a walk, along with the current restoration work of Woljeonggyo Bridge and Gyeongju Gyochon Traditional Village, home to the old residence of the Gyodong Choi Clan. Although visitors are not able to walk on Woljeonggyo Bridge as it crosses Namcheon Stream in front of the Gyochon Traditional Village due to its restoration, it still looks amazing at night. This covered bridge appears as a long pavilion atop bridge pillars, and reflects beautifully in the waters both day and night.

Cheomseongdae Observatory can be seen as you pass by Gyerim Forest next to the Confucian School in Gyochon Traditional Village. Built during the reign of Queen Seondeok, Cheomseongdae Observatory is known as the oldest astronomical observatory in East. It is very popular at night and many visitors come to see the nearby lotus flower area every summer.

Movie & Drama Filming Sites in Gyeongju
Gyeongju is often used as a filming location for Korean movies and dramas. The whole city seems like a giant museum as it contains many beautiful and historical buildings. Movies and dramas filmed in Gyeongju include “Queen Seondeok (2009)”, “Princess Hours (2006)”, “The King’s Dream (2012)”, “Wonderful Days (2014)”, “Gyeongju 2014”, and “Kick the Moon (2001).”

Most of the scenes of 2014 drama “Wonderful Days” were filmed in Gyeongju. Cafes around Wolseong Palace Site or the doldam-gil stone wall road around Daereungwon Tomb Complex were often featured when the two main characters, Dongseok (Lee Seo-jin) and Hyewon (Kim Hee-sun), met up. Nearby is Silla Elementary School, which features a traditional tiled, gabled roof, where Donghee (Ok Taec-yeon) and Mari (Lee Elijah) shared some lovely moment in the drama.

Located inside Shilla Millennium Park, the hotel Ragung appeared in the drama “Boys over Flowers” in 2009. Ragung, which literally means ‘a palace of Silla’, is a traditional hanok hotel that combines the exterior architecture style from the Silla dynasty with a modern interior. Ragung features 16 hanoks all connected by a corridor. There is even an open-air hot spring bath inside the main room of each hanok, where guests can enjoy a relaxing and healing time in nature.

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☞ Nearby attractions
Gyeongju World Amusement Park, Bomun Tourist Complex, Gyeongju East Palace Garden and Bird Park, Gyeongju Yangdong Village, Bulguksa Temple, Seokguram Grotto and more
☞ Hotel Ragung: www.smpark.co.kr (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
☞ Silla Elementary School: 28, Geumseong-ro 183beon-gil, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
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