History of Gyeongju

Gyeongju was the oldest capital city in Korea and has an ancient history.

*Gyeongju was the capital of the Silla Kingdom for 992 years.
Gyeonju’s history is the history of Silla.

*Founded by King Park Hyeokgeose, who was appointed by the heads of the six tribes of Gyeongju, Silla incorporated neighboring chiefdoms and enhanced its internal political system. Jijeung, the 22nd ruler, formally named the country "Silla.” During the rule of the 23rd King Beopheung, Buddhism was recognized as the official religion, and a glorious Buddhist culture began. In 676, Silla unified the three kingdoms of the time by including Goguryeo and Baekje and achieved stunning cultural development.

Ancient times:In the 12 regions of Jinhan, the city was called Saroguk

Three Kingdoms period: This began with the foundation of the Silla Kingdom, and lasted for 992 years through a succession of 56 kings.
The city was called Seorabeol or Gyerim

Unified Silla Era: The mainstream of our national culture began

Goryeo Era: Goryeo ruled between 918 and 1392. In 940, the 23rd year of King Taejo's reign, the city was given the name Gyeongju. In 987, it was renamed Donggyeong, but in 1012, it reverted to Gyeongju. In 1308, however, it became Gyeorimbu

Joseon Era: In 1413, it was renamed Gyeongjubu.
Later, in 1895, the name was changed again, to Gyeongjugun

1. 4. 1931: Gyeongju-myeon was given the higher grading of Eup (one Eup, 12 Myeon)

1. 7. 1937: It was divided into eight Ri, except for Yangbuk-myeon and Gampo-ri, the latter receiving the higher grading of Eup, which became Gampo-eup (two Eup, 11 Myeon)

20. 5. 1949: Gangseo-myeon was slated to become Angang-eup (three Eup, 10 Myeon)

1. 9. 1955: Gyeongju-eup was given a city status (Si). And the Gun was changed into Wolseong-gun

1. 1. 1989: Wolseong-gun was changed to Gyeongju-gun

1. 1. 1995: The establishment (from a merger) of an enlarged Gyeongju City (four Eup, eight Myeon and 17 Dong)

14.11. 1998: Hangjeong-dong was merged into Gyeongju City (four Eup, eight Myeon and 13 Dong)

1.1.2009: Hangjeong-dong was merged into Gyeongju City (four Eup, eight Myeon and 11 Dong)


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