Gyeongju Dori Village

Dori Village is located a short distance out of the city of Gyeongju. It may be more challenging to find compared to other tourist attractions, but visitors will be rewarded with an exotic and mesmerizing scene upon arrival. This site gained attention as a filming site for the movie “Slow Video (2014).” The ginkgo trees surrounding the village create a grand forest, captivating the hearts of visitors, with its beauty reaching its peak during fall. The contrast of blue skies and yellow ginkgo leaves creates a perfect background for spectacular photos.

The most popular photo spots in Dori Village are the ginkgo forest pathway and the abandoned house. The forest pathway offers a picturesque scene at every angle while the abandoned house is perfect for creative and unique photos. When taking pictures at the abandoned house, look for positions where shadows of tree leaves fall upon the house walls to create beautiful photos that look just like paintings.

☞ Address: Area of Dori in Seo-myeon, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
☞ Directions: From Singyeongju Station take Bus No. 50 to Gwangmyeong Bus Stop → Walk approx. 1 min. to Gwangmyeong Samgeori Bus Stop → Take Bus No. 303 to Dori 1-ri Bus Stop -> Walk approx. 2-3 min.


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