Gyeongju Paragliding experience

Gyeongju Paragliding experience

Enjoyment beyond imagination! Paragliding experience.

The Gyeongju paragliding site is located throughout Danseoksan Mountain, the highest summit in Gyeongju, where you can take in a grand view of the city of Gyeongju and Geoncheon-eup.
With many historic sites scattered around, the millennium city Gyeongju is called an outdoor museum. The beauty of Gyeongju City lying under your feet while you are flying in the sky with a professional pilot gives you an unimaginable thrill, one of experiences you must not miss as recommended by Gyeongju Travel Magazine. The entire flight course can be video recorded so that you can cherish the unforgettable moment for the rest of your life.

# How to use
- Apply for flight experience: +82-10-4533-9666
- Business hours: 08:00-18:00 in summer/09:00-16:00 in winter
- Days closed: Available all year round
- Note: Provide a pickup service in Singyeongju Station and Gyeongju Intercity Bus Station
※A reservation has to be made for a flight.

# Address
TEL : 010-4533-9666
Address : San 95, Yul-dong, Geoncheon-eup, Gyeongju-si


  1. Nice Images, really paragliding is a memorable experience for all. We will see how this world is too lovely when you see from a height. You would be able to come across the wonderful air blowing around you. Before two months I had gone to Tenerife for travelling. I enjoyed paragliding there; it is also a quite beautiful place. One trainer of Skyparafly helped me for this. When I will go to Gyeongju, I will must fly there with paragliding.


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