Gyeongju East Palace Garden (경주 동궁원)

Gyeongju East Palace Garden

Gyeongju East Palace Garden is botanic garden and bird park ia a re-creation of reinterpreted Donggung and Wolji, or Anapji with a modern sense. Donggung and Wolji, known better as Anapji, is a garden and pond in a royal palac, which was made in 674, the 14th year of the 30th Silla king Munmu's reign. The garden and pond appeared in Samguksagi, the Chronicles of the Three State.

Gyeongju East Palace Garden is a building inspired by tranditional houses and consists of 5 different parts of 5 themes, including palm tree garden, flower tree garden, aquatic garden, tropic garden, and foliage garden. The gardens are a home to 400 different species, 5500 plants. Also in the bird park is a bird's nest shape of stremlined building, which is accommodating 900 birds of 250 different species.

address: 74-14 Bomun-ro, Gyeongju


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