Gyeongju Ancestral Home Tour 'Wolamjae(월암재) '

Gyeongju Ancestral Home Tour 'Wolamjae(월암재) '

Wolamjae is a Joseon-era dwelling once occupied by General Kim Ho, known for his contributions as the Busan cheomsa (commander) during the Japanese Invasion of the Imjin Year (1592). It is one of the oldest nongovernmental structures in Korea. Wolamjae has significant value not only for its unique structural form, but also as a research resource, as it exemplifies construction techniques of the past.

Located at the base of Namsan, a mountain that is considered central to both the beginning and end of the Silla dynasty, Wolamjae is close to several major cultural/historic sites that are popular stops for sightseeing families, such as Najeong, the well that was the site of the legendary birth story of Silla’s founding monarch Bak Hyeokgeose; Poseokjeong, the site known for the demise of the Silla dynasty; and the tombs at Oreung and Samreung.

* Cooking is not allowed; basic tea and water are provided.
Silla Cultural Center member sponsors enjoy a 15% discount.
Those staying in one of the gotaek (old traditional houses) receive a ‘Free Experience Coupon’ for use at Silla Cultural Experience sites.

* Phone : Silla Cultural Center +82-54-774-1950 (※ Weekdays, 9 a.m. ~ 6 p.m.)

* Reservations should be made at least five days before your planned stay.
The lodging fee must be paid in advance; payment should be transferred within 24 hours of making your reservation.
Cancellations require at least three days notice prior to planned date of arrival.
When transferring payment, please ensure that the sender’s name matches the name on the reservation. In addition, after transferring payment, please call to confirm receipt of payment.


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