Seobongchong geumgwan(서봉총 금관)

Seobongchong geumgwan (서봉총 금관)
-Gold crown from Seobongchong Tumulus

This gold crown is 30.7 cm tall, with a diameter of 18.4 cm and an ornament length of 24.7 cm.
It was excavated from Silla’s Seobongchon Tumulus in Noseo-dong, Gyeongju.

The crown’s wide frame is decorated with five branches, wave patterns stamped up and down to form a dotted line, and a leaf-shaped circle board and a bent jade.

At the rightmost and leftmost, as well as on the middle branches of the five branches, are the Chinese letter 出 in three steps.
The tip of each branch is decorated with a budding flower ornament.

Around the branches are engraved two dotted lines to prevent the iron board from bending and from which a leaf-shaped circle board and a bent jade.

On both sides of the ornament “出” are antler-shaped branches with budding-flower-shaped tips, which are also decorated with a circle board and a jade.

Two gold bands are crossed to form a semicircular shape by connecting them with the crown frame on the front and back and on the right and left sides to form the inside framework.

Three-branched twigs are attached to these bands, and at the end of each branch is a bird ornament.
From both sides of the crown frame hang thick-ringed (Taehwansik) earrings.

Although this gold crown’s basic style is the same as that of other gold crowns, it differs from them in terms of its ornaments and framework, which is in inward-worn with two bands.
Five antler-shaped branches, which were made by cutting off the gold plate, are fixed with nails on the broad frame, on which wave patterns are stamped up and down in a dotted line to make the gold plate stand without being bent.

On the surface of the gold plate, about 20 circles are formed with three strings (one each at the top, middle, and bottom) in the middle part, from which jade and other round-shaped ornaments dangle.
The three branches in the middle and one on each side form the Chinese letter “山” shape three times, and each of their tips closes in a flower bud shape.

In the inward-worn type, two sheets of gold boards are connected to the frame on the front and back and the right and left.

The boards intersect in a cross shape at a height of about 21 cm to form a semicircle, and three-stranded tree branches are attached to these boards and one bird is attached to the tip of each branch, while ornaments dangle from each bird.

Decorations dangle lengthily on both sides of the frame.

The intermediate ornaments have a thick-ring earring shape and are long and complex.
There are small circular ornaments on the thick ring, and two-stranded decorations hang from the rings that are connected to these circular ornaments.

Willow-leaf-shaped decorations (hollow in the middle), which were made by twisting gold strings, dangle from short strings; and on the long strings, heart-shaped beads are densely connected by gold strings to the middle part, where the gold strings are twisted.

Three large willow-leaf-shaped ornaments (vertically folded in half) dangle at the end and are decorated with beads.

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