Gyeongju Chalbori Bread (경주 찰보리빵)

Made mainly from barley and raw oats grown in Gyeongju, the ancient capital of Millennium Silla, chalbori bread is health food featuring a chewy texture that is good for digestion.
As an essential snack in a Gyeongju tour, the bean-jam filling of chalbori bread is so low in sugar that diabetes patients can eat it as healthy food. Similar to hot cakes, it is popular as a healthy snack for everyone.
As one of Gyeongju’s specialties, it feels soft like castella, and many tourists buy it as a gift at an affordable price.

- Danseokmyeongga Chalbori Bread: 55-6, Sajeong-dong
- Daemaekmyeongga Chalbori Bread: 120-4, Noseo-dong
- Daemaekmyeongga Chalbori Bread (Seongdong branch): 128, Seongdong-dong
- Cheonnyeonae: 326-1, Hwangnam-dong
- Gyeongju Chalbori Bread: 349-4, Hwango-dong
- Tojong Chalbori Bread (1st branch): 243-16, Noseo-dong
- Tojong Chalbori Bread (2nd branch): 170-1, Noseo-dong
- Danseokga Chalbori Bread (headquarters): 55-6, Sajeong-dong
- Oreung Gyeongju Chalbori Bread: 418-3, Tap-dong
- Chalbori Bread: 193-3, Hwangnam-dong
- Godo Chalbori Bread: 125-1. Hwango-dong
- Jeongtongmyeongga Palujeong Chalbori Gyeongju Bread: 106-3, Hwango-dong
- Angang Tosokmyeongga Chalbori Bread: 1201-13, Yangwol 5-ri, Angang-eup


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