[Gyeongju Accommodation] Nokkodamkko Glamping Auto-camping Pension (노고담꼬 오토캠핑 펜션)

Located in the 20-year old recreational forest, Nokkodamkko Pension is equipped with luxurious “glamping” (glamorous camping) and auto-camping sites and pensions, thus serving as a perfect venue for a family road trip.

 Designated as a Good Farm by the Korea Forest Service in 2015, Nokkodamkko Pension gives you a chance to see rabbits, squirrels, and water deer gambolling about freely with your own eyes and to have a healing time surrounded by a variety of flowers and trees.

  You can also see fireworks at night. Come and enjoy this perfect place with your beloved or family to relieve your stress and make everlasting memories.

· Address Nokkodamkko Glamping Auto Camping Pension, San 180-2, Gamsan-ri, Sannae-myeon, Geoncheon-eup
· Contact address +82-10-3000-7090
· Homepage http://nodam.modoo.at/


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