[Gyeongju Food] Soft Tofu 'Geumseonggwan (금성관)'

 [Gyeongju Food]
Soondubu 'Geumseonggwan (금성관)'

Geumseonggwan is located in Dongcheon-dong.
It has a spacious parking lot and is always busy.

There are many large rooms that can accommodate groups.

The most popular item on the menu is Daegejang soondubu (soft tofu and King Crab casserole).

Other popular items are Haemul-pajeon (Seafood and Green Onion Pancake), Gejang (Marinated Big Crab), Daege-jjim (Steamed Big Crab), Daegalnak-jjim (Big Crab, octopus and rib casserole), Jeonbok-kalnak-jjim (abalone, octopus & rib casserole), Sirloin shabu shabu, and Deodeok dongdongju (rice wine made with a the root of a herb).
Kimchijeon (kimchi pancake) and many other side dishes are provided as soon as you order.

The unique soondubu made with marinated King Crab has a delicious mild flavor and goes well with sticky rice cooked with spring water.

Soongnyoong, a rice drink, and iced persimmon are provided for dessert.

· Address: 117, Chodang-gil, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
· Contact address: +82-54-745-4371
· Homepage : http://www.youngjinfood.com


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