Gyeongju City Tour :)

Enough of dull and boring sightseeing Enjoy a new kind of sightseeing enhanced by diverse multimedia experiences!

As the capital city of the thousand-year Silla Dynasty that achieved the unification of the Korean peninsula’s three kingdoms, Gyeongju is an international city of history and culture, imbued with the spirit and culture of Korea’s ancient people. 
Permeated by the essence of a thousand years, Gyeongju evokes different feelings in spring, summer, fall, and winter, making it blessed as a tourism destination where the muted essence of the Silla millennium can be felt in every part of the city and in every season.

Gyeongju City Tour offers children educational benefits as they learn about Korea’s history right at the sites where events took place, and provides adults with beautiful memories in a relaxing, romantic atmosphere.
And, in its guided tours, Gyeongju City Tour not only affords family-oriented tourists a great variety of things to see and do, it also goes all out to give foreign visitors a charming adventure that will make them want to return again to Korea and Gyeongju.

Features of Gyeongju City Tour

See all of Gyeongju’s main attractions in a single tour
Available every day, 365 days a year
Choose from among three sightseeing courses
Sightseeing videos provided in four languages, including Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese
Gyeongju City Tour features clear explanations by our tour guides
Children can directly experience Korea’s history in a single city tour


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