[Gyeongju Accomodation] Gyeongju Guest House 'Homo-Nomad'

[Gyeongju Accomodation]
Gyeongju Guest House 'Homo-Nomad'

Homo-Nomad means a human being leading a nomadic existence. In ordinary terms, they are people roaming around or floating without settlement.

Nowadays, people say that backpackers are the New Nomads. They don’t seek merely temporary comfort or ease from the demands of touring; rather, they understand what being away from home entails, and still cherish the place where they can return, but eager to tote backpacks for a while. So as to meet and serve those people in beautiful Gyeongju, we opened our guest house.

Homo-Nomad Guest House is a house with a bit of an exciting structure: traditional beautiful exterior and roof along with the exotic interior of a duplex type.

Walking into the entrance leads to the first floor. There is a living room allowing you to rest against cushions, a kitchen for breakfast, a Female Dormitory, a Mixed Dormitory, a Double Room, and a Single Room. Going up the wooden stairs on the left side of the living room leads to the second floor. There is a Double Room and a Friends Room along with the banister. There are also some places here and there allowing you to sit down for drinking tea, reading, and listening to music. The space of house is not generous or very private but cozy.

· Address: 61-8, Cheomseong-ro, Gyeongju-si
· Contact address: +82-10-8413-0803
· Homepage:  http://www.homo-nomad.com


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