[Gyeongju Tour] Gyeongju Donggung and Wolji (Imhaejeonji, Anapji)

[Gyeongju Tour] 
Gyeongju Donggung and Wolji (Imhaejeonji, Anapji)

 In the town of Gyeongju there are more palaces and royal Silla heritage sites.
Cheomseongdae, Gyerim,Wolseong and Anapji are directly connected to the palaces of Silla. Nodongdong, Noseodong, Gobungun, Daereungwon,Hwangori in Wangli Gobungun are the tombs of the royal family and nobility.
Hwangryeongsateo and Bunhwangsa are large temples of Silla.

The lotus fields around Anapji are beautiful like a painting and the canola blossoms around Cheomseongdae make a spectacular backdrop.

It is great to just walk or cycle around town to see the elegance and majesty of Silla.

The beautiful lighting at night makes it perfect for nighttime sightseeing and the evening performances at Anapji will make for a unique experience. 

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