[Gyeongju sightseeing] Gyerim Forest

Gyeongju Gyerim Forest 

· Address: 27-8, Gyochonan-gil, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
· Contact address: +82-54-779-8743

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Gyeongju Gyerim is where the birth myth of Kim Al Ji, the first ancestor of the Gyeongju Kim family, who ruled Silla for a thousand years.
King Talhae, in the fourth year of his reign, heard a hen calling and sent one of his subjects to Shirim.
At Shrim there was a golden box hanging in a tree and a white hen was crying.
In the box was a smart looking boy who grew up to be very intelligent, so King Talhae name him Al Ji and gave him the family name of Kim, because he came from a golden box.
Maybe because of this myth, Gyerim, which is located between Cheomseongdae and Wolseong, seems more mysterious.
Later King Talhae named Kim Al Ji his heir, but he didn't want to be king.
However, seven generations later, King Michu became the first King of Silla from the Kim family.
The name of Shirim was changed to Gyerim, after the hen.

When you walk inside Gyerim there is a very old tree whose trunk is almost gone but the branches remain alive.

There is also the tombstone on which is engraved the birth myth of Kim Al Ji, erected by King Sunjom of the Choseon Dynasty.

There are many old trees creating a unique forest.

The 17th king of Silla's tomb, King Naemul, is located at the edge of Gyerim.
Near Gyerim there are five more large tombs and a large grass expanse in which you can imagine the Silla Millennium Capitol.

Other sights around Gyerim are Cheomseongdae, Cheonnmachong (Daerweungwon), Anapji, Wolseong, the National Museum of Gyeongju, Hwangryeongsaji, and Bunhwangsa.

These are within walking distance within the environs of Gyeongju.


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