Gyeongju Mediflower(Ggotmaeul) Oriental Hospital

Gyeongju Mediflower(Ggotmaeul) Oriental Hospital

· Address: 924, Poseok-ro, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
· Contact address: +82-54-775-6600
· Homepage :

When visitors enjoy relics and participate in the oriental medicine experience program, they can find Gyeongju more attractive.
Gyeongju Hanbang Byeongwon (hospital) was designated by the Korean Tourism Organization and the Korean Health Industry Development Institute as ‘the first clinic for oriental medicine experience tours’ to provide oriental medicine experience tour programs (2 days/1 night) including medical check-up, examination, treatment and Gyeongju relics tour.
Recently, many Japanese visit the hospital to experience traditional Korean medicine.

Gyeongju Mediflower(Ggotmaeul) Oriental Hospital is in Tapdong, east of Oreung uses both oriental and western methods of examination, but treats patients using oriental methods.

You can also combine your treatment with a hot spring and historical site tour program.

This hospital is housed in a traditional Hanok and is the number one hospital endorsed by the Korean government for their Health Tour Korea program. The types of examination are:
Examining the functioning of the body's Chi points, blood test, stress level test, iris test, cardiovascular test, and analysis of body type according to oriental ideas.
Ultrasound, liver function, diabetes and anemia blood test.

A health tour package is also available which includes tours to Cheonmachong, Seokguram and Bulguksa and includes overnight stay in a traditional Hanok room at the hospital with 4 meals provided.


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