[Gyeongju Tour] Yangdong Village(Wolseongyangdongmaeul)

[Gyeongju Tour] Yangdong Village(Wolseongyangdongmaeul)

Yangdongmaeul is a typical Choseon yangban village, along with Hwahoemaeul in Andong.

There are many pavilions and National Cultural Assets scattered around the village.
The two families that live in this village, the Wolseong Son family, and the Yeogang Lee family, have lived there for 500 years.

This village contains traditional Choseon culture as it was, so the whole village became an important folk reference in 1984.
Of the large Hanoks of the wealthy high on the hill, and the servants thatch-roofed houses at the bottom of the hill, only about 150 remain.
The most important buildings of this village are the house of Son Jung Don, and the home of the father of Lee Eon Jeok, one of the five most highly regarded intellectuals of the Choseon period.

At Yangdong Folk Village there are programs for children to experience living a traditional village life.
Also there are traditional culture programs such as Hanji, traditional paper craft, and Seodang, the school system of Choseon.

· Address Yangdong-ri, Gangdong-myeon, Gyeongju-si,Gyeongsangbuk-do
· Contact address Gyeongju City Depart
· Homepage http://yangdong.invil.org/


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