[Gyeongju Templestay] Golgulsa Templestay

[Gyeongju Templestay] Golgulsa Templestay

Golgulsa is a famous stone cave temple and is also the headquarters of Seonmudo, where the Silla Hwarang (Flower Knights) trained.
Seonmudo is the Buddhist meditative martial art training  method using the harmony of body, mind and breathing, similar to Tai Chi. During a Golgulsa Temple Stay one can reflect on one's life through the performance of the 108 bows, Yoga and Tai Chi training.

There is an overnight session and a three night session available.

Both sessions have a fixed daily program – sitting meditation, Seonmudo training, tea, 발우공양 (a meal), and a pilgrimage.
There is also a day session available which can be done either in the morning or afternoon for two to three hours consisting of praying at the temple, a lecture about Seonmudo, a Seonmudo demonstration and practice, and temple food.

Golgulsa Temple Stay is recommended for those who wish escape the lethargy of daily life and re-energize their mind and body in a quiet clean environment.
Booking is compulsory and prices are: Adults 40,000 won and adolescents 30,000 won per night.

The price of the day sessions depend on the course taken.

· Address 101-5, Girim-ro, Yangbuk-myeon, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
· Contact address 054-744-1689
· Homepage http://www.golgulsa.com


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