Gyeongju Temple Food 'Sookbujengi'

Gyeongju Temple Food 'Sookbujengi'

  Built of soil which complements the pine trees in the yard, this vegetarian restaurant uses no artificial ingredients.

They use fresh vegetables and mushroom salt to flavor all dishes on the menu.

There are three Hanjeongshik course meals on the menu: Gujeolcho, which contains nine different vegetables; Yeonipbap Jeonshik, a lotus-leaf rice set menu; and Sookbujengi, brown rice pumpkin porridge, paprika jelly salad, nine different mushrooms, three different Korean-style pancakes, garden salad, steam vegetables, mushroom noodles and assorted tempura with many side dishes and whole-grain rice.
Pine tea, Pumpkin Shikhye (a cold rice drink) and Maeshil (Japanese apricot) tea are available for dessert.

· Address147-5, Bobul-ro, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
· Contact address054-748-3903


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