[Gyeongju food] KoreanStyle food 'Gogurye Ganungil'

[Gyeongju food] KoreanStyle food 'Gogurye Ganungil'

  As it is located in the town between King Taejongmuyeol’s tomb and General Kim, Yousin’s tomb, near the only road that connected Seoul and Pyongyang until the end of the Choseon dynasty, this restaurant is traditionally referred to as “Hama” (meaning “to get off a horse to show respect to the general’s tomb”).

It was founded and named “Gogurye Ganungil” as a cornerstone for the unification of Korea.
The restaurant serves traditional Korean dishes.

We also invite you to visit our traditional café, where the daily live guitar performance on the second floor will soothe your nerves and ease your stress as you sip a cup of tea.

· Address66-6, Chunghyocheon-gil, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
· Contact address054-772-5880


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