[Gyeongju Tour] Gyeongju Namsan Mountain (video)

Gyeongju Namsan Mountain

Gyeongju Namsan is a historical place which has witnessed the rise and fall of Silla and is also the mountain of the Buddha. It bears many legends and is full of the spirits of the ancestors. Go into any valley in Namsan and you can see the living art and culture of Silla. 

It is a like open air museum. There are many statues of the Buddhas and pagodas, and is considered a spiritual mountain where the Buddha resides. 

It is also called the treasure chest of Maaebul, because there are so many of them on the mountain. 
Nenggol in the Samneung valley stands out from the others because it has more Maaebul than any other place.   
There are 672 World Heritage Sites registered in 2007, including tombs, fortresses, temple grounds, statues of the Buddha, pagodas, stone lanterns and yeonhwadae (the Buddha's seat in the shape of a lotus). 

Namsan also bears many Silla historical sites such as Najeong, Poseokjeong, and Yongjangsa Temple grounds (the temple where the first novel in Chinese characters, The Myth of Geumo, by Kim Shi Seup, was written).   
There are two main pathways into Namsam, one is through Tongiljeon on the east side of Namsan, and the other is through Samneung on the east side. 

There are more historical sites on the west side of Namsan, particularly Changlimsaji (the first Silla palace grounds) and Poseokjeong (the last place to fall at the end of Silla). 
Borisa and Chilbulam have been rebuilt, but on the west side of Namsan there are many historical sites in the process of being excavated and rebuilt.

There are still historical artifacts to be found in Namsan: In October of 2005 a hiker found the head of a sitting Buddha statue. Maybe you could experience the thrill of finding hidden treasures at Namsan.

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