[Gyeongju Hotel] Ragung (Hanok hotel)

RagungHanok (traditional Korean style house) hotel

Lagung is a hotel in the Silla Millennium Park, and the name means "Palace of Silla". 

It is the first Hanok (traditional Korean style house) hotel in Korea.
 It is a fusion of the traditional and the modern
; traditional building and decoration with modern service. 

There are sixteen independent suites that are all uniquely designed. 
There are two types of suite; the Numaru and the Garden. 

Both have a living room, an ondol (traditional underfloor heating) room,
a bedroom and a private enclosed yard with a square hot spring pool. 
The hot spring pools are fed by alkali water
from 600 meters underground. The Garden suite also has a deck.

· Address : 55-12, Expo-ro, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
· Contact address : 054-778-2000
· Homepage : http://www.smpark.co.kr
· Credit Card Payment : Credit Card Payment option is currently available.
· Baby carriage rental : available
· Convenient facilities for disabled : available


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