“Glamping n Party” – going glamping in Gyeongju

“Glamping n Party” – going glamping in Gyeongju 

Have you heard of ‘glamping’? It’s supposed to be a trendy term these days.

A compound of ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’, this term refers to a comfortable camping experience at a place that’s all set for outdoor camping, equipped with all the necessities. Simply put, it’s kind of like a camping trip where all you have to bring is yourself. Although I’d heard of it, I [GyeongjuLove] had never experienced it myself. After I learned that a camping zone with ‘glamping’ had shown up in Gyeongju, a bunch of us got together last week to check it out.

At night, immersing ourselves in past memories
We found the “Glamping n Party” glamping ground in an area past Bomun Lake and Gyeongju Folk Craft Village, before you get to Bulguksa. It seemed an unlikely place to be near all those tourist attractions. Even on a weekday evening, all nine tents were already lit, each in the midst of camping fun.
Now we were cut off from TVs and computers, the things that would normally be occupy an evening at home. That empty space was filled by genial conversations exchanged over picnic tables. 

The summer night deepened as we shared stories from our albums of remembrances, the kind of stories you save up and then pull out some day to relive and enjoy. 

Just bring yourself.

This place had everything—a tent, of course, since it was a glamping ground, and also all kinds of other camping gear (tables, chairs, dishware, stove, and cookware). Beds are also provided in the tents, and the interior was spacious enough to sleep six or more. 

And the price for the glamping experience covers a really nice barbeque, the highlight of evening camping.

Since everything for the barbeque was provided--meat, lettuce and greens for making wraps, sausages, and vegetables for grilling--all you have to bring, literally, is yourself. 

The eagerly-awaited barbeque party begins!
This is what camping is all about, or at least 80 percent, right? ^^
The owner busily ran around from tent to tent, sprinkling seasonings on the meat, and kindly giving cooking advice--‘Here, grill it this way, it’ll be tastier~.’
We washed the vegetables ourselves at a sink in front of tent.
If you need more, you can go pick them from a nearby vegetable patch.

Deepening night, in praise of glamping
After showing up with nothing but our plain old clothes, we stayed up late into the night at the glamping ground. With stories and conversations burgeoning through the long night, sleep did not come easily.
Pushing aside concerns for tomorrow, we chatted and told stories all night, and before we knew it it was dawn.
We wrapped up our camping trip with ramen bought at the canteen.

* The little canteen/store at the glamping ground sells basic food items, including ramen, bottled water, instant rice, ice cream, and confections, as well as alcoholic beverages.

The dreaded morning 

After barely sleeping at all, we awoke and found that our night of camping was over, though we wished it could’ve lasted longer. The sun had risen over a campground covered with morning dew.

I took a look around the whole place, something I hadn’t done the day before. 

All the maintenance to be done on the tent area was already finished.
The couple who run the place were taking time to work in the garden away from the tents. 

A campfire site has been created, for use when the weather starts to get chilly. The owners have even added some nice amenities like hammocks strung between trees and a vegetable patch nearby. It seems like the glamping ground will be even nicer when all the remnants of construction and other preparations are removed.    
Even breakfast…
Glamping n Party provides breakfast the next day, too. It is self-serve-style, and you can help yourself to toast, soup, and eggs.

I’ve added more nice memories to my collection.

I spent an unforgettable night at Gyeongju’s Glamping n Party. Our party pledged to go glamping once again when the season changes. 

TIP: Gyeongju Glamping n Party
‘GyeongjuLove’ stayed here for 109,000 KRW (one-night weekday rate for two persons).
(Includes tent accommodations, dinner barbeque, and breakfast)


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