Gyeongju Tongiljeon ginkgo tree road

Gyeongju Tongiljeon ginkgo tree road 

                                              – a must for sightseers planning an autumn trip to Gyeongju

If you’re planning a trip to Gyeongju in the fall, there is one place that you must be sure not to miss. That place is “Eunhaeng-namu-gil, ” a road lined by ginkgo trees near Tongiljeon (unification hall), not far from downtown Gyeongju.
Bulguksa Temple has gorgeous fall scenery, but it was hard to fully appreciate the autumn leaves because of all the kids on school field trips.
But as I was coming to Gyeongju on the bus, I spotted the ginkgo tree road and decided that I just had to go there. So, even though I was tired, I jumped on my bike and headed over.

To get to the ginkgo tree road, I pedaled for some 8km from Najeong Well, and arrived at ‘Tongiljeon samgeori’ (3-way intersection).
Although there is a direct route to Tongiljeon, I intentionally took a slight detour to reach the point where the ginkgo tree road begins.

By this route, its as much as 2km from Tongiljeon intersection to Tongiljeon itself.

The fact that not many cars use this road makes it even better for sightseeing.

You can see Tongiljeon 3-way intersection (samgeori) in the distance.

Stopping for a moment and looking back, I caught a really awesome view of the ginkgo tree road.

The ginkgo tree road is surrounded by tranquil rural scenery.

On the way to the Bulguksa Temple area, I had seen crows from the train. Here, I also saw a whole bunch of crows. I quickly took a photo of a huge flock of crows as they suddenly took off

Since no cars were coming, I debated for a moment and then took this shot while standing in the middle of the road.

After you pass Dongbang bridge and reach Seoktap bridge, at last the ginkgo tree road comes into view in front of Tongiljeon. Of all the ginkgo tree-lined roads in the area, this is considered the best and most scenic.

To get into a real autumn mood, I stopped for a while at this spot covered with loads of fallen yellow fan-shaped ginkgo leaves.

Although it was a weekday, several sightseers could be seen enjoying the autumn scenery around Tongiljeon.

When I came here in the winter, I didnt experience this kind of amazing scenery

After stopping by Seochulji Pond for a while, I headed up to Tongiljeon, where I figured the view would be even more breathtaking, since Tongiljeon and the ginkgo tree road are aligned with one another.

The day before, I had worked till after midnight, and that day I felt exhausted and was coming down with a cold. So I rested for a while in this secluded spot.

Tongiljeon… Although it’s not one of the most-visited historic sites in Gyeongju, I really like this place for some reason.
Maybe that’s why I find myself coming here two or three times a year.

There are many sightseeing destinations all over Korea with beautiful ginkgo trees.
Although it’s a bit disappointing that cars drive through this scenic ginkgo area, I heartily recommend “Eunhaeng-namu-gil” by Tongiljeon, if you’re around Gyeongju.   


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