Meeting Teddy Bear at Gyeongju

출처 경주시 공식 블로그 ㅣ 경주애

Meeting Teddy Bear at Gyeongju

The name Teddy Bear comes from former United States President Theodore Roosevelt, whose nickname was "Teddy". President Roosevelt came to nothing when he went hunting for a bear to Mississippi River. A suite of Roosevelt's attendants cornered and tied a cub of American Black Bear to a tree, as an easy target. He refused to shoot the bear himself, however, deeming this unsportsmanlike conduct. He reprimanded his attendants severely. After this anecdote was published in newspapers, his nickname became Teddy Bear. The owner of miscellaneous goods store began to sell a stuffed toy bear named Teddy Bear along with copies of the story. Since then, children all over the world have been falling in love with Teddy Bear for more than a century. What is more, the Teddy Bear has been playing the dual role as a work of art and a messenger of health offering a psychological cure.

Teddy Bear Museum&Teseum

There are two Teddy Bear exhibition centers made following the model of President Roosevelt at Gyeongju.

Teddy Bear Museum
The largest Theme Museum in Korea has Integrated Teddy Bear with various themes, such as the history of Seoul, the history of the Western Teddy Bear for more than a century, the modern and contemporary history of man for a century, pictures of Seoul past and present, the arts, and the world travel to name a few. This business of Korea with the design and manufacturing know-how of Teddy Bear has spread all over the world for more than 20 years.

Korean Style Teddy Bear! Teddy Bear designer, Won Myeong Hui, founded the Korean Teddy Bear Association in 1999. This Association aims to make Western Teddy Bear culture, which has continued for more than a century, take root in Korea; and, It aims to let the world know about Korean Style Teddy Bear culture. Teddy Bear culture of Korea has spread by using a D.I.Y Teddy Bear lecture as a key driving force.

- Teddy Bear Museum -

A trip to Gyeongju that is a trip through time with a time machine!!
Going back to Gyeongju 170 million years ago by means of a time machine, we can explore the world of dinosaurs and the Silla Era!

  01 ㅣ  Expedition of Dinosaur World
“Wow! Tyrannosaurus!!” Teddy Bear families with the time machine went on a trip to the Gyeongju of the dinosaur period.
Join the great adventure of Teddy Bear exploring the dinosaur period! You can vividly watch and enjoy Teddy Bear along with the dinosaurs.


  02  ㅣ Exploration of Ocean Floor
Take in the Exploration of the Ocean Floor that goes on to a trip a dream world! “The Mermaid” is a story of the mermaid who fell in love at first sight with the prince living on land! “Byeoljubujeon (the fable of the Tortoise and the Hare)” is a story of the tortoise that has a mission to get liver from the Hare! Teddy Bear fell plop into the ocean sparking the imagination.


  03 ㅣ  A Trip to Silla Era
After exploring dinosaurs and fables, it’s time to go on a trip to the Silla era! Let’s meet Teddy Bear to learn about the birth myth of Bak Hyeokgeose, the founder of Silla, Hwangnyongsa, Cheomseongdae, Bulguksa, and Seokguram. What an exciting history journey it is!

 04 ㅣ Teddy Bear Museum
At a glance, you can witness the whole history of Teddy Bear for more than a century! The Teddy Bear, in the middle of the picture, is Black Jack who was made in Germany in 1912 and was auctioned off at 37 million won.


  05 ㅣ  Art Gallery
Stone statues of bears! A world-famous work of art was reborn as Teddy Bear.
World-famous works of art include statues of David and Venus, and Marie Antoinette of Versailles Palace is exhibited as a Teddy Bear.
The Teddy Bear featured on the left-hand side of the picture is a statue of Augustus at Prima Porta.


  06 ㅣ  3D Theater
Let’s appreciate 3D movies that are more vivid than others. You can experience and enjoy many things including the cold North Pole, the deep sea, and the jungle with full of thrills. It starts at the top of the hour and at the bottom of the hour and has a running time of 10 minutes.

  07 ㅣ  Teddy Bear Shop
After looking around the Teddy Bear Museum, let’s make our last stop the Teddy Bear Shop! The goods of “Teddy Bear Museum of refined articles” are sold here, so I bought postcards of Teddy Bear. 

- Teseum –

Teseum Gyeongju Silk Road!!
Let’s walk with Teddy bear along ancient trade routes that used to connect to China, West Asia, and the shore of the Mediterranean!


01 ㅣ  Stories of Silla
The whole stories about Gyeongju are gathered together in one place. Teddy bears will vividly show you all about the stories of Silla, such as Bak Hyeokgeose’s founding myth of Gyeongju, the founding myth of Bulguksa, and the stories of Asadal and Asanyeo.

 02 ㅣ  Stories of Silk Road
Teddy bears start to travel the Silk Road connecting to China, Mongolia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Greece. The picture on the left shows an adventure novel of “Journey to the West” that holds the stories of the monk Tripitaka (or Xuanzang), who saved Monkey King (or Sun Wukong), traveling from China to India.

 03 ㅣ  Small World
Here are Teddy Bears the size of a knuckle! Small and dainty Teddy Bears gather in small world. Why don’t you look at the cute Teddy Bears?

 04 ㅣ  world dance
One of the most attractive places in Teseum is the exhibition room of world dance. In one place, it shows fascinating world dance performances, including a Buddhist dance, a sword dance, a traditional Korean drum dance (or janggu dance), a crane dance (or hakchum), a traditional Korean circle dance (or Ganggangsuollae), and the flamenco among others.

 05 ㅣ  Polar Bear Zone
Can you imagine the North Pole without ice! Polar bears are in danger of extinction! North Pole glaciers are melting. Let’s save the environment by taking a look at glaciers and bears! Let’s study how to save energy and stop global warming in order to bring bright smiles to polar bears.

 06 ㅣ  Teseum Souvenirs
After admiring Teddy Bear, I dropped by a souvenir shop and brought a polar bear key ring as a souvenir. It was a cute white Teddy Bear.

 07 ㅣ  Teseum Café
Teseum Café. A cup of tea in Teseum Café that is decorated with vivid wood texture and Teddy Bear would be a perfect end of tour! The Café opens until 10 p.m. so it would be a great idea for you to drop by there after visiting the Bomun Tourist Complex.

Location & Charges

Teddy Bear Museum and Teseum are located in Bomun Tourist Complex.
* Charges Adult 9,000 won/ Teenagers 7,000 won/ Children 6,000 won
* Operating hours: 09:30~19:30 (Last admission: 18:30)


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