Gyeongju Tourism Information Center

출처 경주시 공식 블로그 ㅣ 경주애

Gyeongju Tourism Information Center 

If you are wondering about a trip to Gyeongiu, just drop by the Information Center. You can get all the information about a trip to Gyeongiu. In Gyeongju, there are five Information Centers and the Public Relations Department of Gyeongbuk Tourism. In the Gyeongju Station Tourist Information Center, those among the people in charge who can speak English, Japanese, and Chinese, greet tourists all over the world. The Public Relations Department of Gyeongbuk Tourism introduces visitors to Gyeongju as well as the whole of Gyeongsangbuk-do.


Seorabeol Tourism Information Center 
Gateway to Gyeongju located in Gyeongju tollgate
Address: 598, Yul-dong, Gyeongju-si
Telephone: 054-777-1330
Working hours: 09:00 ~ 20:00
Choi Hyo Sin

The Seorabeol Tourism Information Center has been nominated for “The Star of Korea Tourism - the Information Center Sector.” The tourism Information Centers in Gyeongju have a total of 15 staff members. Each Information Center has three people who are in charge of speaking English, Japanese, and Chinese respectively. They work for each Information Center on a three-month basis. As tour guides do their jobs with all their hearts, the nomination of “The Star of Korea Tourism” is an honor not to just with respect to the Seorabeol Tourism Information Center but to all five Tourism Information Centers in Gyeongju. The only difference among the five Tourism Information Centers is that the Seorabeol Tourism Information Center is the biggest in the size and has a video viewing room.                            

Each Information Center is characterized according to its particular visitors. Because the Seorabeol Tourism Information Center is only available by car, most of its visitors are family units and long-term travelers. During the vacation season, there are 3,000 visitors per day.           


Terminal Tourist Information Center
Between suburbs-bound bus terminal and express bus terminal
Address: 243-12, Noseo-dong, Gyeongju-si
Telephone: 054-772-9289
Working hours: 09:00 ~ 18:00
Bak Seon Yeong, Seong Jih Yeon

Gyeongju Terminal is one of the favorite places among foreign tourists. During my visit, I met Nobuo kawaguchi who went on a trip to Gyeongju from Kanagawa, and asked me how to go to Samreung.
The habits and preferences of foreign tourists are based on their nationalities. The Japanese tourists usually prepare questions in advance, with most of them going sightseeing on taxi tours. In the case of the Chinese tourists, most of them come from Hong Kong and Taiwan rather than mainland China. Tourists who come from mainland China also speak English very well. Most of them usually come here to go shopping in Busan and Myeongdong, and then drop by Gyeongju. They also have lots of questions. In the case of English-speaking countries’ tourists, most of them come here on backpacking trips, so they have lots of questions about cheap accommodations like Guest Houses.

After leaving Gyeongju, foreign tourists usually choose Andong and Hapcheon Haein Temple as their next stops on their journeys.


KTX Singyeongju Station Tourist Information Center
We are living in the era of a 2-hour KTX ride from Seoul to Gyeongju. It is located in KTX station.
Address: 1010, Hwacheon-ri, Geoncheon-eup, Gyeongju-si
Telephone: 054-771-1336
Working hours: 09:00 ~ 18:00
Son Jin

Singyeongju Station is a little bit away from downtown Gyeongju so Singyeongju Station Tourist Information Center receives many inquiries about bus routes going to major historic sites. People who just arrived at Gyeongju by taking a train without a detailed itinerary ask a lot of questions about accommodations, famous restaurants, etc.
The Gyeongju City Tour allows you to go sightseeing around Gyeongju by riding a bus all day long. There are lots of questions about Gyeongju City Tour (Click) that has five courses: the downtown area, East Sea area, world heritage area, Yangdong village area, and the night course. Gyeongju City Tour departing from Singyeongju can be reserved on the spot.

The most eye-catching thing in this Center is a Gyeongju electronic tour map with a full touch screen. This electronic map is tall as an elementary-school student and is situated inside and outside of the Center. It is so amazing that l try to tap the letters on the screen.



Gyeongju Station Tourist Information Center
Located in the center of downtown Gyeongju
Address: 59, Hwango-dong, Gyeongju-si
Telephone: 054-772-3843
Working hours: 09:00 ~ 18:00
Yun Gyeong Hui, Bak Mi Jeong

With the building of a new Singyeongju Station, the train route from Seoul to Gyeongju does not stop at Gyeongju Station. Therefore, most of the tourists in Gyeongju Station come from Busan and Daegu. During the vacation, particularly, lots of university students come here by using a RAIL-RO Ticket (Click) that allows them to take a train trip for seven days at the price of 54,700 won. Since this place is the train station, lots of visitors are here when trains stop at this station.

In Gyeongju Station Tourist Information Center, I met the second oldest woman here, Yun Gyeong Hui, who has been working here for 15 years. She feels rewarded when visitors can obtain useful information and recover lost items such as wallets, and cameras that have been left behind in buses but she can track down these things by simply making phone calls to bus companies.


Bulguksa Temple Tourist Information Center
Located at the entrance of Bulguksa Temple, an iconic tourist attraction of  Gyeongju
Address: 64-1, Jinhyeon-dong, Gyeongju-si
Telephone: 054-746-4747
Working hours: 09:00 ~ 18:00
Bak Ji Min

The Bulguksa Temple Tourist Information Center receives lots of questions about Bulguksa Temple and Seokguram rather than  trips to Gyeongju. After entering the Bulguksa Temple’s parking lot, some visitors can’t find out how to enter so they must ask around for the entrance to Bulguksa Temple; others ask how to go to Seokguram at Bulguksa Temple.

When I visited there, I saw a mother and daughter who had left their tote bags at the Center. After going and coming back from Bulguksa Temple, they asked how to go to Seokguram. I also asked the same question and could receive a sticky-note that had been prepared in advance. The Center always prepares these materials in advance and hands them out. 

It took 20 minutes by riding on the bus that runs every hour to get from Bulguksa Temple to Seokguram so get on the bus at Bulguksa Temple and go to Seokguram to go sightseeing for an hour and then take the same bus to come back.


Public Relations Department of Gyeongbuk Tourism
Bomun Tourist Complex is all about Gyeongbuk tourism.
Address: 375-6 Sinpyeong-dong, Gyeongju-si
Telephone: 054-745-0753
Working hours: 09:00 ~ 18:00

Busan Girls' Commercial High School’s students’ retreat

Do you know 1330? This is the travel information phone number of Gyeongbuk, known as Korea Travel Phone 1330. If you dial 1330 in Gyeongju, it’ll be automatically connected to the Gyeongbuk Tourism Information Center that is located in Bomun Tourist Complex; if you dial 1330 in Seoul, it’ll be connected to the Gyeongbuk Tourism Information Center that is located in Seoul. If you want to call Gyeongbuk Tourism Information Center in Gyeongju from Seoul, dial 054-1330.

The Gyeongbuk Tourism Information Center, which introduces visitors to the whole of Gyeongbuk, displays lots of special products and souvenirs that come from every corner of Gyeongbuk.

In the Gyeongbuk Tourism Information Center, I met Busan Girls' Commercial High School’s students who were traveling around every corner of Gyeongju and solving quizzes. I guess one of the quizzes was “It’s in Busan, but it’s not in Gyeongju. What is it?” The students found out the answer, which is “subway”. In Gyeongju, there are neither traffic jams nor subway lines.




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