Dayu, a vegetarian restaurant

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Dayu, a vegetarian restaurant

Dayu (茶由): coming from tea

“What a lovely shop name! What’s the meaning of the name?"

“It’s the same literal meaning as the Chinese characters, meaning tea (Da, ) and coming from is (Yu, ). It’s named Dayu because everything coming from tea, could happen in our restaurant, like talking with people over tea, falling in love with tea aroma, taking good care of our health with well-being diet as well as drinking tea.”

The owner talks to me all about Dayu.
And then he tenderly calls his wife who is personally preparing food in the kitchen.
He calls her by name with a sweet and tender voice that also touches my heart.
He says “She is the real boss here.”

She has made a tea for 30 years. Lots of teacups that she has collected for 30 years decorate every corner of the old-world restaurant. Dayu has delicious beautiful meals as well as a beautiful interior. After eating in Dayu, I felt healthier.

From Q&A to Dayu

That’s how I discovered Dayu. On the Gyeongju Tour Guide web site, a foreign tourist, planning a trip to Gyeongju, wrote to enquire about a vegetarian restaurant. As a vegetarian, he wondered whether there was a vegetarian restaurant in Gyeongju, and if any, he wanted to get some recommendations. According to Wikipedia, vegetarians all around world number up to 2 billion. I therefore tried to look for vegetarian restaurants and found out about Dayu. If I had the chance, I’d like to recommend Dayu with confidence.

The place used to be a teahouse but is now serving a well-being diet.

Our traditional tea has a mild aroma and taste unlike Western coffee and herbal tea. Whenever we take a cup of traditional tea, we have to focus on our senses of smell and taste. That’s why I came to think about healthy diet that included mild aromatic vegetables with matching tea.

Dayu has served a healthy menu for seven years. The first menu is Chaegwabap. Just looking at a fresh vegetable/fruit salad, served with typical dressing of the fruit of Maximowiczia, makes me feel healthy. The owner has practiced Dado (a tea ceremony) for a long time, so he tries not to lose his keen senses on the tip of his tongue.

I also tasted Konggogibap and Beoseotdeulkkaetang.

A story of Konggogi (meat made of soybean)

The owner talks to me about a story of Konggogi. A plastic-wrapped Konggogi used to be sold at a supermarket 20 years ago. At that time, the idea of vegetarianism hadn’t yet become popular and the taste of Konggogi wasn’t good enough to pay for. Therefore, it almost disappeared. In the changed world, well-being diets have become popular and Konggogi containing vegetable proteins have started to draw attention. When it comes to love and food, timing is everything. 

At first, I thought the texture of Konggogi might be similar to that of tofu (bean curd). Since I first tasted Konggogi, however, I have known why people call it gogi (meat). It has a chewy texture just like meat. Dayu has two types of Konggogi: Bulgogi-flavored Konggogi and Dakgangjeong-flavored Konggogi. (Dakgangjeong means deep-fried and glazed chicken). Each type has slightly different seasoning and texture.

The masterpiece of thick soup

Secondly, I tasted Beoseotdeulkkaetang, A soup made of mushrooms and perilla. I like mushrooms and perilla, so it was the best choice for me. Without eating cooked rice, I would feel stuffed after just one bowl of Beoseotdeulkkaetang. It’s a really thick and delicious soup. Perilla, which is full of vitamins A and C, is good for your skin. This thick soup protects your liver and stomach. What a healthy food it is! This thick mild soup is easy to swallow.

A finish with neat refreshments

After a meal, pretty refreshments are served. They include Asian Apricot Tea (Maesilcha) made by the owner, Yakgwa, and rice cake (Tteok). Before I drank a cup of cool Asian Apricot Tea, Dayu seemed to me to be a simple restaurant; after I drank the tea, Dayu looked like a true teahouse. After I stuff my belly, I can see every corner of Dayu. These simple refreshments give me the simple gift of leisure.

Quiet and peaceful room of Dayu

After I receive the gift of leisure, I look around the quiet and peaceful room of Dayu. In the inside of Dayu, there is no need to turn on a light in the afternoon. Because the natural light, which is coming from the big window, covers the inside of Dayu. A folksy partition with bars and Changhoji  separates Dayu’s room. (Changhoji means traditional Korean paper made from mulberry bark.) Each table in Dayu thus looks like an independent room that allows you to have a cozy meal as well as to enjoy admiring the teacups and traditional decor. It couldn't be better when you look out through the window and take in atmosphere.

01 |Why don't you watch teacups collections?

02 | Views over windows of Dayu enrich Dayu.

In Dayu, you can taste traditional teas like Ujeon and Saejak and traditional liquors like Dongdongju, plum wine made by Dayu.
Tel.) 054-773-8866 
Website) www.다유.com


(rice topped with vegetables and fruits

(pine nut porridge)
( rice with meat made of soybean

(medicinal cooked rice)
(rice with spicy  bulgogi-flavored Konggogi

(pumpkin porridge)
( mushrooms and perilla soup)

(peanut  porridge)
(rice with chestnuts and pumpkin in small size)

(sweet red-bean  porridge with small rice dumplings)

Direction to get to Dayu
It is difficult to get to Dayu by public transportation. It is situated behind Hanhwa Condominiums in the Bomun Tourist Complex, so there’s no way to get there directly by bus.
If you take a taxi around Hanhwa Condominiums, you can get there on the basic fare.


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