Tour Course in Gyeongju Ep04- Silla’s 1,000 year-old flower garden

출처 즐거운나라의 폭탄공주 | 폭탄공주

Silla’s 1,000 year-old flower garden and Cheomseongdae, Ohreung, Gyerim

We looked around a lotus field a lot, until we got bored but we still had time on our hands before we could get on the train. What to do in the interim? We were two women without a real plan. Anyway, this Gyeongju trip’s 4 major destinations were the Bulguksa, Seokguram, the night view of Anapji and the train back home. When we spotted a flower bed filled with yellow cosmos across the lotus field, we decided to go over there.

Silla’s 1,000 year-old flower garden!

I’m not sure whether it is Geumgyeguk or yellow cosmos but it is probably the yellow cosmos. When I was an elementary student, there were yellow cosmoses on the way to school in bloom along the school wall. The appearance of yellow cosmos looks similar with white and pink cosmos but stronger than that. When I saw these flowers, I realized the beginning of 2nd semester and prepared my mind. 

The wide open field was packed with flowers and there was a water lily on a pond.

This side also has a lotus field. 

We took a walk along the pretty road with leisure. I assumed that Miss. Sake had already taken hundreds of lotus pictures. “Are you shooting again?

There were other flowers besides the cosmos. 

I took a picture of these flowers but I didn’t know their name. 

It must be a cockscomb. I thought that it looked dreadful when I was young but this looks pretty. The shooes seemed cute and sexy. 

 Both of us women already had low physical strength to begin with, and on top of that we had been drunk several days in a row so that walking all day long made us tired.

We took a rest under a large persimmon tree. 

 I could see wild flowers behind the persimmon tree. Before getting in, we talked about memorizing this table. Yes, needless to say, we gave up easily and got in. We thought that there must be no signs identifying the trees. Nobody said anything, but both of us thought that. 

There were fancy name tags like this but few flowers were blooming. 

 Now the Cheomseongdae became visible far in the distance.

One by one fabulous treasures filled in Gyeongju but all of them comprise the official ‘Gyeongu historic site.’(Please apply to UNESCO to have all of these treasures registerd.) I think the whole Gyeongju city is our proud cultural asset.

Bike riding mother and child and old husband and wife taking pictures of each other look warm. They must be married couples, judging by their intimacy.. 

If time and physical strength are ample, I would like take a walk around Gyerim. No, I want to spend some time with composure rather than just looking around but not this time. I turned back to head to the next place.

5 reung
These are 5 tombs for the founding father of Silla: Park hyeok geo sae, Mrs. Alyeong, 2nd King Namhae, 3rd King Yuri and 5th King Pasa. The color reminds us of the old days. 

Now the time has come to get back to Gyeongju station. I’m still attached to this place, so I’ll come back again sooner or later. It is great to have such a nice place where a one-day trip is available. Though it was short, I experienced a lot in Gyeongju. There was no tight schedule and no pressure to optimize our movement, but we enjoyed a lot.

As always, the trip had proved to be a nice choice.


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