Tour Course in Gyeongju Ep02- Seokguram

출처 즐거운나라의 폭탄공주 | 폭탄공주

Seokguram, inexpressible emotion and pity

Actually, we planned to have a late lunch, instead of having an early dinner in the vicinity of Bulguksa. There were many restaurants but we hadn’t planned ahead and we couldn’t where to go and what to eat. In the end, we decided to go to the Seokguram first.

We had some snacks at a bus stop so as not to die of hunger. We were going to wait until a bus came. Two other women came to get on a bus; they seemed to know the bus schedule. We learned that we would have to wait quite long by listening to them.

 Then a taxi stopped in front of us and offered to take all us 4 women to the Seokguram at the price of 2000 won each.   

The destination of those two other women was not the Seokguram, however. They got off at their lodgings on the way to the Seokguram. 

We arrived at the Seokguram. The clouds were hanging low. 

I was sorry that it was almost dinner time. We should have started on our journey earlier. 

Its admission fee was also 4000won as well. We walked along the road quite a long time.

Finally, the seemingly endless road came to an end and I saw Seokguldo. There’s a stone monument.

It was fabulous scenery.

 I well know that a camera cannot put the scenery into a picture exactly as it is, so I engraved the scene onto my mind. 

Of course, photographing in the Seokguram is not allowed. What are those people who taking picture of their kids thinking? Yeah, it definitely will be a good memory for them. 

I could only saw the front side of it because it is blocked by a glass wall but there’s no choice but to feel the greatness of it. I felt sorry for that much.

 This Scientific building containing wisdom of Silla had to be disassembled to do ridiculous repair works. Natural draft system of this building doesn’t work after the repair. To get rid of humidity air conditioner was installed and it requires continuous maintenance. I’m worrying about throbbing of the air conditioner.

I don’t want to talk about imperialism, or stories about invasions. I don’t want to say why they damaged another country’s cultural asset. Of course, I would like to point that out, but the more important question is why they spoiled it with uninformed and needless repair work. This problem does not relate to a race or nation because the cultural assets do not only belong to a single nation but to all humanity.

The news that the Seokguram will be reconstructed once again disturbed me once more. I’m not sure who is right in this case. 

While I was looking at each light containing each person’s wish, I hoped that these precious cultural assets would be preserved well. 

On the way to the exit, I thought over the Bulguksa travelogue of Hyeon Jingun. I could not express a liking for him but I was overwhelmed emotions and at the same time, I felt heavy in the chest.

 I even thought I would regret it greatly if I never had visited Bulguksa before I died. 

There will be a last bus 20 minutes later. We hadn’t even checked the scheduled time of the last bus.  

While awaiting the bus, I took a deep breath. Though it seemed impossible that one could be refreshed to any further degree, it just kept getting better and better. 

When I turned my head, Miss. Sake was facing the same way. We didn’t move alike but we had travelled together on this trip. We two women coexisted this experience together and in mutual sympathy yet each at one’s own rhythm. 

I felt like go to a restroom but I put off the physical desire in order to enjoy the cool of the evening.

The Sun was going down. I had an ominous feeling that I would not have dinner on time.


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