Tour Course in Gyeongju Ep01- Bulguksa

출처 즐거운나라의 폭탄공주 | 폭탄공주

Bulguksa, why is this my first visit to this splendid place?

First of all, I went to Bulguksa. 

 I took bus #11 and got off at the Bulguksa bus stop. In Gyeongju, the bus stop also takes the shape of a roofing tile. Street vendors on both sides of the road were selling sweets. I felt somewhat hungry and wanted to have a corndog but I was determined not to satisfy my appetite just yet. 

I put on a raincoat. My motto of this trip was ‘don’t have much of a plan but execute the trip,’ so I packed a raincoat. I don’t think that the adult charge of 4000won is expensive, however I thought that slicing the teenager charge substantially would be better so as to give them more chance to visit the cultural properties.    

Before I got in the temple, I was absorbed in a pretty pond.
I talked with Miss Sake, saying that it was worth a visit here even before we got into the temple. We stared at a mother and child were looking around and some guys getting on a boat for a while.

The clear blue sky would be better but gray sky and a fog sets in around mountain creating a tasteful atmosphere.

We were taking picture secretly and paying attention to small creatures on the roadside while making our way to the Bulguksa temple grounds. 

Now I know that the Cheonwangmun, which is guarded by 4 cheonwang, is the main gate of this temple. Three foreign women who were apparently friends were entering the Cheonwangmun when we arrived. I saw more foreigners than Koreans around there.

These are stamps of Bulguksa. I would like to have all the stamps.

These are Chungwoon bridge and Baekwoon bridge leading to Jaha gate. It would look better if there was a pond still left. Now it just looks like a normal satirway but it still looks good.

A couple asked me to take a picture of them. It is difficult for me taking a picture of strangers with an unfamiliar camera. I had to take such pictures many times while I was in the temple. I’m sorry if you don’t like these pictures.

These are Seokgatop and Dabotop, which I only had seen from a textbook prior to this moment. I had a mysterious feeling that made me feel the breath of Silla

There are 6 National treasures just in Bulguksa such as no.20 Dabotop, no.21 Seokgatop, and the Cheongwoon and Baekwoon bridges. It would be 7 with Mugoojeonggwang-daedaranigyeong. It is awesome. 

I found it to be especially impressive because I have always thought that the Dabotop is pretty every time I see it on the 10won coin.

We were freely scattered and yet united. Both of us looked around are one’s own pace. I took a picture stealthily when I found her. As it happened, we tried photographing the same thing at the same time accidentally, but Miss. Sake was faster than me. Hit and run.

Miss. Sake, is your concept of this trip a hidden camera? 

I looked around at the Jaha gate. It was lovely.

Both us women we attracted to similar subjects of observation. We took typical tourist pictures with the proper poses. However, I like close-up pictures while she likes to put in more scenery. We both know each other’s taste well but we just didn’t follow the other's wish.

Every nook and corner of the Bulguksa is fabulous.

Bulguksa Gwaneumjeon is situated at a higher elevation than all the other places, so you can look down like this. The pretty roofs and the Dabotop are seen from afar. Pictures look just like this but actually it was great being there because I could feel color of grass and trees more vividly.

Before we were aware of it, it began to clear up. I thought that I should have been here earlier and I was right. 

There were many stone towers to be when I turned went around the Birojeon.

There was a sarira stupa designated as a treasure. 

 I could feel the wonder of Bulguksa, and I’m proud of it. 

There were still some hydrangeas. Miss. Sake was complaining of hunger. I was felt weak, too. As the saying goes, it takes a full stomach to appreciate even the best scenery.

Hang on a second~ I found the snack that I got from Eunhye before.
We satisfied our hunger on that. Thank you, Eunhye.

While I was leaving the temple, I looked down the pond toward the bridge this time.

Forearm-sized carps that might have lived a million years were swimming around in it. Well, I was taking picture with that weird posture. 

I left Bulguksa with a big impression. I was heading to the Seokguram. I didn’t know the bus schedule so we just waited blindly. Now I see a time table in the picture.


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