Gyeongju Expo Park.

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Let’s take a look around Gyeongju Expo Park.

If you’re planning to go sightseeing in Gyeongju, you’ll definitely want to check out Gyeongju Expo Park, where Gyeongju World Culture Expo is at its climax.
A little later, I’ll talk about the different kinds of events, but first shall we look around Gyeongju Expo Park? It’s a great place for family outings even when nothing special is going on there. 

Gyeongju World Culture Expo is where the originality of Silla culture meets the diversity of world culture: it is a place that encourages communication and convergence, and right now it is in full swing.
Even though the different expo events are a wonderful attraction, I would like introduce Gyeongju Expo Park itself, because it is a great place just to spend leisure time and have fun.
On your left as you go down the central main walkway, the charmingly designed small gardens are an inviting place to take a relaxing stroll or a little rest.

When I stopped and looked back, I felt like I was in some small park.

At the end is a place called Goksuwon.
Shaped like Poseokjeong, the historic Silla pavilion and resting place with the stone water channel, it was the perfect spot to cool off during the midday heat.

Here is a view of the right side as seen from the entrance of the main walkway.
The area was immaculately maintained, without a single piece of litter on the ground.

What is this place?
Like some peaceful European park, tall full-grown trees create natural shade and block the hot rays of the sun. The Expo Culture Center is at the end of the main walkway.

Any way you look at it, the highlight is Gyeongju Tower. From every angle, it’s a unique and distinctive structure. An interesting view from underneath
Try going up in the elevator to really get a great view in every direction.
Gyeongju Tower gives you a sense of the marvel of the legendary nine-story pagoda of Hwangnyongsa Temple.

Little waterways hidden here and there - A glimpse of the simple innocence of children

When you can’t take the heat anymore… have a nice cool drink.
Unlike the usual junk food you find at parks, there are a lot of healthy snacks available here, like this one.  Local cities and counties are here to promote their special products, with a lot of things to eat and drink made from wholesome ingredients.  This slushie was made by blending a partially-ripe persimmon, a famous specialty of Gyeongsang Province.
This healthy ripe persimmon slushie was 2,000 won. So much better than drinking soda

Visual harmony between Goksuwon, the fountain, and Gyeongju Tower

Clouds and trees vying to see which is taller, with tent pavilions underneath them
These booths are promoting local products, and I got to try some samples as I passed by.

Is everything at the Gyeongju Expo venue focused on Gyeongju Tower?
What is this place now?

Here’s a children’s character zone, with a really creative play area.
Wouldn’t it be nice to bring your kids here to play?

Even the buildings are colorful, standing up to the brilliant blue sky, so there’s a nice color sense here.

Some crape myrtle trees I spotted as I walked

A dome-shaped building and the Expo Culture Center, as viewed from among the trees

Probably near Baekgyeol Stage
Incredibly tall trees not only making shade, but also making pictures on the ground ^^

Beside them a waterway opens up, with orange carp going around in groups.
I took a rest on this long bench during my stroll, and the deep shade was wonderfully refreshing.

What is this place, leading to another path in the woods?
I thought I was going to find some stuff like Times Garden here, but I found squirrels instead.

This is Times Garden.
If you walk towards the end, you can see Cheonma (Heavenly Horse, called the Korean Pegasus) and statues of the twelve zodiac animals.

You can even see Gyeongju Tower from here.

An open area below Times Garden, a nice place for groups to get together for games and other activities

All kinds of attractions

I came upon this big sound sculpture with wind-chimes, and captured the lovely sound.

Could this withstand rain, I wonder?

Last time I was here, I saw squash vines about thirty centimeters high growing here, and now look how tall they are.
In another month, this place will be a veritable tunnel of squash vines.

With even a fossil museum, this place is full of things to see, and full of lovely trees…

The Gyeongju Expo venue doesn’t leave you a moment to be bored.
Full of amenities like green zones and rest areas, the Gyeongju Expo venue has plenty of comforts for foreign visitors or moms with small kids.

Are you planning to take a trip to Gyeongju?
I recommend that you be sure to visit Gyeongju Expo Park before your school break or work vacation is over. Even without any special events, it’s a satisfying place for an excursion, and they’ve even turned the restrooms into art.


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