Temple of Bulguksa in summer

The temple of Bulguksa where memories come to life...

I went to the temple of Bulguksa in summer with my friends. In the past, I had only visited the temple through a school excursion or in autumn to take photographs. This time, instead of merely focusing on taking photographs, I had time to have various conversations with my friends. Also, I had a good time by seeing various images of the temple.

After departing Busan, we arrived at Gyeongju Bus Terminal. Then, we took the No.10 bus to go to Bulguksa. On the way up to the temple, there were many street vendors selling various simple snacks and souvenirs.

Even if it was early in the morning, some girls were already on their way out of the temple after finishing their tour. Since Bulguksa is very famous and there are so many people visiting the temple, I think that it would be a good idea to go there early in the morning and look around the place slowly and leisurely with great composure. I took a photograph of a nice image provided by a couple walking towards the temple by holding their hands together.

The wonderful appearance of Bulguksa finally came to life. There were many photographers taking photographs of such a great appearance of the temple. Also, there were many couples enjoying the view together as well as those trying to find out more information regarding the temple. There are various ways of enjoying the temple.

Some Japanese tourists were there through a group tour,experiencing special moments in the season filled with green leaves. 

Others were making great memories on the stairs of the temple.

We could hear the whispering sounds of Buddhist scriptures.

The magnificent views provided by Bulguksa in summer were quite special compared to the ones shown in autumn.

Even if Bulguksa provides a magnificent view in autumn with all the leaves wearing the wonderful colors of the season, it is not easy to enjoy such a view leisurely since there are always many photographers taking photographs and other people enjoying the view.

Even if I could not see wonderful images created by autumn colors at the temple of Bulguksa in summer, I had a great time with all the green leaves and looked around the place with more time and composure. The place provided different benefits. Although the weather is hot in summer, making you avoid going out, and there are no leaves wearing autumn colors, how about walking around Bulguksa by making great memories and exposing yourself to the cool breeze? I am sure that my wonderful memories of Bulguksa in summer will last for a long time.


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