Taking a walk along the cherry blossom path at Gyeongju’s Wolseong Fortress

(Korean Letter, Spring)


In Gyeongju, cherry blossoms are popping out all over the place like popcorn popping or bbeongtwigi bursting at April.

Cherry blossom trees: aren’t they magnificent?

Sky, clouds, and cherry blossoms: a wonderful combination


Sometimes they sneak a peek at the world from over a fence

They also sweetly nestle the tombs

A blizzard of cherry blossoms fell to the ground

The cherry blossoms are just like pine trees

A cherry blossom road, let’s take a drive

Driving beneath the cherry blossoms~the slower, the better

She’s come from Incheon, Korea by herself to do sightseeing in Gyeongju

They rode all the way from Busan, Korea on their mountain bikes

Yellow ‘forsythia’ couple in front of cherry blossoms


Getting drenched by cherry blossoms

Putting cherry blossom clips in their hair


Cute V

A gateway of cherry blossoms leading to a royal palace site

A forest of cherry blossom trees


Solo stage


The fleeting beauty of cherry blossoms

Little green leaves are already in the midst of their preparations


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