[Gyeonju Tour] Hot Air Balloon Ride

[Gyeonju Tour] Hot Air Balloon Ride 

 Although a hot air balloon is a very common western tourist attraction and form of entertainment, it is quite rare in Korea.

The balloon is 32 meters tall and reaches 150 meters above ground.

 It can accommodate up to 30 adults on a calm day, but when there is wind or rain it is limited to 10 adults.
There is a 10 minute stay at the top in the sphere shaped gondola from where you can look down on 360 degree views of Gyeongju and the Bomun area.

It is especially spectacular in early April when the cherry trees are blossoming.

There are various types of event for which you can use the hot air balloon, such as a marriage proposal.

All staff value service and safety.
※ The hot air balloon ride runs every day, weather permitting.

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